Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Son Inspires Me

What can I say. My son inspires me. My husband gives me the space to pursue art, and my son gives me the propulsion, the fuel to not only create, but to begin venturing out into the "real" world with it.

I'm stepping up to the plate in great part because I want to show the Little Man that he can live his dream, his truth, no matter what it may be. But how can I encourage him, if I don't do the same for myself? The best way to lead is by example, right?

So, on June 14, 2008, the Red Earth Centre is hosting my first photo exhibit in Paris. And come this fall, I will start sending out short stories to literary magazines.

There is no going back now.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


The Little Man and I love playing hide-and-seek. Well, he hides and I'm supposed to seek. He'll suddenly disappear leaving silence behind, which is my signal to go look for him and say, "Little Man, where are you?"

Even though I generally spot him immediately, I pretend I don't know where he is and continue asking, "Where are you?" Periodically I get a little squawk or a little head sticks out from his hiding place.

Today I heard the silence again and went looking.

I laughed so hard when I "saw" him. Can you find him?