Friday, January 4, 2008

Where did the Brain go?

Since becoming a mother, I have no mind left.

I should have seen it coming. It started in the early stages of pregnancy, when I couldn't do simple mathematical additions. Somehow I thought that things would get better once my body returned to normal.

Well, I'm back to my former pre-pregnancy weight, but along the way, in shedding the kilos, I must have shed some from my brain as well.

I not only can't do mathematical equations (7 + 9, for example) without using my fingers, but I burn pots and pans, I leave the refrigerator door open, and today, the coup de grace, instead of putting my own return address on the envelope, I put the address of the friend I am sending the card to.

Boy oh boy...

And the other day, one of my Mommy friends came over for a playdate. As our children played, I started telling her a story, then turned my head for just a moment to check on the kids.

When I looked back at her, I had to pause, search my mind and then ask for help, "Um, what was I saying?"

She gave me the same blank look that I'm sure I had on my face at the time, "Um, I have no idea!"

And we both broke down in peals of laughter.

Do you have any Mommy-memory-loss stories to share?

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