Sunday, March 11, 2007

Bugger Busting

I have a very calm 5 1/2 month old infant. I can clean out his belly button, dig earwax out of his ears, go excavating for sleep in the corners of his eyes, but when it comes to buggers in the nose...there is no doing it without bringing on wails and tears.

So I figured, just leave the kid alone. I vowed to let his nose self-clean for seven whole days.

I nearly broke down after a few minutes when I saw this:

I almost messed up again a few hours later. And once again, I caught myself in time.

But this morning, 24 hours after I made that vow, I couldn’t help myself any longer. My son’s nose was so full of buggers that I could barely see an air passage in each of his nostrils.

I tried removing the multiple culprits with a well-placed finger. When that didn’t complete the job, I had to resort to a well-placed cotton swab accompanied by wails.

I wasn’t sure he would forgive me, but when I took him in my arms and apologized, he immediately calmed down and curled his head into the crook of my neck.

Thank God for his good nature; I’m not sure I would have forgiven me so easily…


Lancrel said...

Who're you gonna call?
The Bugger Buster! :o))

tongue in cheek said...

Good advice about being with a baby.
I would add:
You can never spoil a baby, hold them often.