Monday, March 26, 2007

It's not a Miracle!

I've been criticized for:

1. Holding my baby too much
2. Wearing him in a sling
3. Not letting him cry (Watch out, you'll be manipulated)
4. Resigning from my job to be a stay-at-home mom
5. Having him with me too much
6. Letting him suck his thumb (he's actually rubbing his gums as the teeth come down)
7. Not giving him a pacifier
8. Not having him sleep in a separate room
9. Having him sleep in our bed

And I've been complimented for:

1. How secure he is
2. How much he smiles
3. How happy he is
4. How tranquil and peaceful he is
5. How joyful he is
6. How interested and curious he is in everything around him
7. How alert and aware he is
8. How little he cries
9. How easy-going he is (we went on a 10-hour flight and he didn't cry)

Hmmm...seems pretty obvious to me.


Lancrel said...

Hum... maybe there is no rule to follow as every story is specific to every human being, every child. Maybe the next child will need to be left apart in his room from the beginning.
The important is to get what is important for the baby as a person... not a thing "thing"!

Siridyal said...

Hi Dya! Oh, it is so true what you say, and when you wrote it down it hit me that that is what I heard too and look at my kids now! Oh, and I hear I'm overprotective, but somehow that is not how RRK vieuws it because she is ready for her first sleepover...Funny how we interpret things nuh?