Sunday, March 25, 2007

Toy Treasures

In the beginning, the favorite toy was a book that not only crinkled, but was also chewable, had little plastic pieces around an easily graspable handle, had a tag on it, plus plastic tabs. This toy brought much joy (to big and small alike) for two months.

Then suddenly, without warning, that toy fell out of favor, and this one became the new joy for all. A chewable antennae, plastic handles for holding and gnawing, a mirror, and sounds that chuckled and sang when you pressed the numbered buttons occupied the little bub for many minutes. (Papa washed the toy one day at Mama's behest and the sounds didn't work anymore -- to Mama's great distress...Papa was off the hook once the toy recuperated from the water shock after a night on the radiator).

It lasted about three weeks, only to be replaced by...

a water bottle?!
Before baby arrived, I had a panic attack when a friend sent me a list of everything I needed to get for baby. It was eight pages long.
Then another friend told me that one actually needs very little "stuff" to welcome a child into this world; a drawer as a bed would do and a whole bunch of love.
I'm finding this to be so true. We have "stuff", but I also don't fret about having enough or the "right" stuff. The angel loves the way the water swishes inside his "new" toy.
And today, I discovered another "toy" that is now on the hit list:
(Cotton Squares)


Lancrel said...

When I was a kid, the best toys were those I made myself.
I remember a vacuum cleaner box (carton) became a nice car with a window shield, doors... and it was a convertible! So, the best toys are those "things" you decide to treat as a toy... without any convention or rule!
And this is what baby does.

Ad said...

Yeah, it just brings you right back down to earth when your kid ends up playing with the box that amazing toy you got him came in, more than the toy... :)

Ad said...

p.s. those toys look very familiar. :)